Phil SniderPHIL SNIDER is an award-winning author, community organizer, pastor, and teacher. He is perhaps best known for his speech on equal rights for LGBTQ people, which has been viewed on YouTube nearly five million times. In addition to providing religious commentary in various local and national media outlets, including NPR affiliates and nationally-syndicated radio and television programming, his work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Religion Dispatches, Slate, Fox News and USA Today. Phil’s books include Toward a Hopeful Future (winner of the 2011 Mayflower Award for best book in church and society), The Hyphenateds, and Preaching After God: Derrida, Caputo, and the Language of Postmodern Homiletics. Forthcoming titles include Justice Calls: Sermons of Welcome and Affirmation (Cascade), as well as two volumes (edited with Katharine Sarah Moody) in the new series Intersections: Theology and the Church in a World Come of Age. Phil and Katharine are also the founding architects of the Subverting the Norm conference series at Drury University, which has become well-known for exploring the intersections of postmodern philosophy of religion and church practices.

Phil did his undergraduate work at Missouri State University (Springfield, MO), then earned his masters degree at Phillips Theological Seminary (Tulsa, OK) and doctorate at Chicago Theological Seminary (at the University of Chicago). He also holds a certificate in pastoral care and counseling from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Phil’s vocational heart is with the friends and participants of Brentwood Christian Church in Springfield, MO, with whom he has worked closely since 2003. As a community organizer and advocate for justice, Phil has served in various leadership capacities in the Springfield community, including: President of the Drury University Board of the School of Religion, representative leader to the Springfield Interfaith Alliance, member of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council at Missouri State University, founding member of the Center for Diversity and Reconciliation at Brentwood Christian Church, founding member of the Greater Springfield Race and Faith Collaborative, co-chair of the Springfield chapter of the NAACP Religious Affairs Commission, and, previously, chair of the leadership table for Faith Voices of Southwest Missouri, which is dedicated to promoting economic dignity and race equity for all Missourians. He is also the past president of the Springfield Ministerial Alliance. In addition to being an adjunct instructor in religious studies courses at Missouri State University and Drury University, he regularly speaks at a variety of conferences and events across the United States. He and his wife Amanda are the proud parents of three children, Eli, Sam, & Lily Grace.