The Hyphenateds

The Hyphenateds
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In an age when more people in America are leaving the church than finding the church, The Hyphenateds shares reflections from church leaders who draw on the best of their respective traditions in order to meaningfully connect with those who often (for good reason) feel like giving up on Christianity and the church altogether. With chapters by Nadia Bolz-Weber, Carol Howard Merritt, Stephanie Spellers, Phyllis Tickle, and many others, The Hyphenateds offers fresh possibilities for reimagining and refashioning the role of the church in twenty-first century America.

The Hyphenateds will give you a clear sense of a new generation of leaders’ hope-filled vision for the church.” – Martha Grace-Reese

“I find this volume so helpful and hopeful. It’s about faith communities exploring, creating, admitting faults, and bridging divides on all sides. You’ll meet Christian leaders who are obviously bright, passionately committed, and downright fascinating.” –  Brian McLaren

“What’s written here is intimately told, without apology, and with no holds barred.” – Phyllis Tickle