The Hyphenateds

The Hyphenateds: How Emergence Christianity is Re-Traditioning Mainline Practices

From Brian McLaren:
“I’m normally an upbeat person, but I get a little depressed when I see religious communities retrenching, reacting, defending, and engaging in more boundary-maintenance than bridge-building. That’s why I find this volume so helpful and hopeful. It’s about faith communities exploring, creating, admitting faults, and bridging divides on all sides. You’ll meet Christian leaders who are obviously bright, passionately committed, and downright fascinating, people I’m so glad to know as companions in this wild journey of emergence.”

From Martha Grace-Reese:
“The Hyphenateds will give you a clear sense of a new generation of leaders’ hope-filled vision for the church.”

From Phyllis Tickle:
“Here a baker’s dozen of the most influential Hyphenateds in this country talk boldly and unapologetically about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it. Whether one is an emergence Christian or a mainline Christian or a traditional Christian or even a disaffected Christian, one has the opportunity here to look at the future through the lens of an evolving present. What’s written here is intimately told, without apology, and with no holds barred.”

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