Hey Christians, Trump isn’t pro-life

As a Christian pastor, I’ve grown so tired of Christians constantly playing the “pro-life” card to justify their support of Trump’s inhumane policies. It’s like the “get out of jail free” card for supporting moral depravity, and it’s flawed for so many reasons:

First, for context: Virtually every Christian defense of Trump ultimately devolves to someone saying, “Well, he may be wrong on [insert inhumane policy here] but at least he’s pro-life, unlike the baby killers on the left!” (As if that’s an accurate assessment of the left’s position.)

This is problematic from the outset because *all of the data* shows that the left’s policies are the ones that actually reduce abortions (by working to reduce poverty & provide access to quality health care & education). The right’s policies are repeatedly shown to *increase* the rate of abortion.

But those on the right consistently refuse to acknowledge this widely available data. So the question emerges: “If you really do care about being ‘pro-life,’ then why continue supporting GOP policies that most definitely are not?”

The answer to this question helps us see why Christians on the right so desperately cling to the myth that Trump is “pro-life.” Because if it turns out he’s not (spoiler alert: he’s not!), then all of a sudden they have to own up to the fact that supporting Trump means supporting a lying racist misogynist, for no good reason. A person may still wish to support Trump, but then it becomes clear what they’re *actually* supporting.

(For the record, I put “pro-life” in quotes because the truth of the matter is that Trump’s policies are a threat to life. They wage war on immigrants, women, the poor, people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ persons, etc.)

Saying you support Trump because he’s “pro-life” provides the veneer necessary to support his otherwise very non-pro-life positions. Take this away and you have to own up to what he actually is — a nihilistic authoritarian white nationalist despot who lies with impunity and lacks all Christian character. And it’s hard to support that with a straight face.

Again, a person may still wish to support Trump. But make no mistake about it: if one does so, they’re supporting Trump for what he is: one who appeals to white nationalism, racism, misogyny, and policies that put children and families in cages and concentration camps (that’s what they are). This isn’t pro-life, no matter how one tries to spin it. You either support it, or you don’t.

With that said, many Christians wish to be genuinely pro-life, from womb to tomb, which includes making sure women have access to medical care for reproductive situations that are far more complex than conventional pro-life rhetoric allows. While someone on the right might object by saying that the majority of abortions aren’t due to rare circumstances (such as when the life of the mother is at stake), I again point out that if you truly are interested in reducing the rate of abortion, the left’s policies are the ones that do so, not the right’s.

In the meantime, don’t let people fool you into thinking that it’s okay to support Trump because he’s pro-life. His policies are anything but. They’re inhumane, and there’s no “pro-life” cover for it.

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