New Book Announcement: Preaching as Resistance

I’m excited to officially announce my new book, set to be released by Chalice Press later this year.

Preaching as Resistance

In the wake of the nationalism, nihilism, and alt-right fear mongering that’s accompanied the surprising rise and valorization of Donald Trump, many pastors are being drawn to acts of resistance–sometimes even from the pulpit–in ways they perhaps hadn’t considered before, at least not with the same sense of urgency they now feel. This volume highlights the shape and scope of preaching that not only resists, challenges, and troubles the problematic structures of authoritarianism and oppression crashing in from all sides, but also invites listeners to experience the transformation, possibility, and hope stirring in the gospel of Christ. From big steeples in big cities to rural congregations in red states, examples from pastors across the United States demonstrate how preaching as resistance can be incorporated in a wide variety of social contexts and preaching styles, which in turn equip and mobilize listeners to respond to the call of justice. Ideally suited for pastors and church leaders, it also provides everyday readers with the opportunity to engage fresh approaches to Christianity that are rooted in the gospel of love, solidarity, and justice.

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