Why Gun Laws in the U.S. Should Be Changed Immediately

Gun laws in the United States of America should be changed immediately:

Fact 1: Every year far more innocent people in the U.S. are unintentionally killed by an accident with a gun than are criminals killed by a “good guy with a gun.” [So the self-defense argument doesn’t work unless for some strange reason one wishes to also argue that more deaths by gun violence is preferable to fewer deaths by gun violence.]

Fact 2: Where there are higher rates of gun ownership in the U.S., there are higher rates of gun violence in the U.S. There is a direct and disproportionate correlation between gun ownership and gun fatalities.

Fact 3: Nations with tighter gun restrictions have drastically fewer gun fatalities in comparison to the U.S.

Fact 4: If you say that changing the law is unnecessary because criminals will always find ways to break the law, then you are de facto arguing against the purpose of having any laws.

Fact 5: A person hellbent on acting maliciously can murder far more people with certain types of guns than with, say, a knife. [This seems so obvious to point out, but, for example, there’s a reason it’s wrong to build bombs –> they are designed to kill large quantities of people at once. As are many types of guns.]

Truth: We may think (or feel) that having guns makes us more safe, but that is an illusion. Owning guns makes us far less safe. Nonetheless, our fears have led us to build a golden calf out of guns. But like all idols, they cannot save.

Truth: Our nation is enamored with the myth of redemptive violence, from which we need to be saved.

Truth: If one thinks the founding documents of our country are not subject to revision or contextual and constructive critique, then (1) one has to continue to support some pretty outlandish things, such as the 3/5ths compromise and (2) one doesn’t think it’s possible to progress further or to be open to new insights and perspectives, which is at once both tragic and myopic.

Truth: We have the responsibility to politicize tragedies so they don’t keep happening over and over and over again. Not to do so is to give them our tacit approval, which should be unconscionable.

2 thoughts on “Why Gun Laws in the U.S. Should Be Changed Immediately

  • I always enjoy heroic screams of indignation but when they are accompanied by true grief they deserve a thoughtful response. It is easy to agree that inappropriate gun violence needs to stop. The difficulties lie in what constitutes inappropriate gun violence. An excellent recent example occurred in a nearby town yesterday. Man is depressed and suicidal. Puts handgun to head and threatens to shoot. Upset wife and mother can police for help. Man refuses to come out. Swat team is called. Man eventually comes out and raises a rifle in the direction of officers who shot him dead.Suicide by cop. How must you feel when you call the police for help and they shoot and kill your depressed loved one?
    This brings to mind the real question we should be answering. Why did the founding fathers place the 2nd amendment in the constitution? It was not because they loved guns or were collectors. It was because they lived in a situation where they all carried and used guns to hunt and to protect themselves from the native Americans they were stealing land from…oh, and to rebel against the legally constituted authority(i.e. England). They knew that any government that allows its citizens to be disarmed greatly changes the balance of power between the government and the governed.
    Given the present(there is always a Trump or Obama that you hate) political situation, who amongst us truly trusts the government to have our best interests in mind? I certainly don’t. I don’t even trust the local government or it’s representatives(see paragraph 1 above) to act wisely. And that is why I own guns. Not to protect myself from a thief but to maintain the , however unlikely, option that I will become so certain that the government must be stopped that I am willing to resist fully(not just in court) with my last drop of blood.
    If you want to stop gun violence, you have to stop the causes of anger and fear which are 90+% of the causes of gun related deaths. Poverty, greed, foolish laws that make criminals out of people trying to make a living,lack of decent mental health services, lack of support for abused spouses, and governments that don’t listen to significant portions of their governed all have to be addressed.
    I, for one, am not hopeful that we, as a society, are willing to address any of these issues. Perhaps Dr King was correct about the arc of the universe and I am just too impatient.

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