Countdown to the Justice Calls Book Release – Day 11

In anticipation of the release of Justice Calls (you can pre-order it here), I’m sharing an excerpt a day. Today’s is from Meredith Guest, author of Son, I Like Your Dress, a memoir about her transition from male to female gender identity.

Meredith Guest

Instead of transformation, what we often opt for is self-improvement, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The people who know me well—those who work with me and especially those who live with me—would no doubt welcome some self-improvement on my part and could, I’m sure, suggest several places where I might want to begin. But don’t you see? Self-improvement was what I was trying to do in eliminating my masculinity and turning myself into the most believable version of a woman I could. And to that end I shed more than a few units of blood, sweat, and tears—not to mention tens of thousands of dollars. But remember the Bible verse for the day, the passage from Romans in which Paul exhorts us to “not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds”? God didn’t want to improve me. To God, I didn’t need improving; I just needed to be transformed into my true self, and that would include all of me. Nothing would need to be left behind, eliminated, or burned on the altar of societal acceptance . . .

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