Countdown to the Justice Calls Book Release — Day 3

In anticipation of the release of Justice Calls (you can pre-order it here), I’m sharing an excerpt a day. Today’s is from Monica A. Coleman:

“[B]ecause the community of God is so different from most of what we see around us, because it’s the opposite of the largest and loudest and richest and most powerful voices in our midst, many people have assumed that this community of God—this heaven—cannot be found here on Earth. This must be in some other world, in some other lifetime, in some period after our lives here on Earth. But Jesus suggests something else. He suggests that it’s an ideal that we should strive for, and hope for, and work for, in our daily lives. That the community of God is not a place, but rather a way of being in the world, a way theologian Sallie McFague says ‘is characterized by a reversal of worldly expectations and a reorientation brought about by the unmerited graciousness of God to us.’ The community of God is living in this opposite way that inverts, or turns on its head, all of our expectations. To live out the community of God is not to reflect things as they are but to live as things ought to be.”

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