Thanks to everyone who made my new book possible

Cover Design

One of the more exciting things about writing/editing is when a book project is finally ready to be released, and I’m elated to officially announce that the book project I’ve been working on for nearly three years (Justice Calls: Sermons of Welcome & Affirmation) is set to be released within the next month. I’ve had a great time working with the wonderful people at Wipf and Stock Publishers in order to develop a collection of sermons that share in a commitment to make the church an open and affirming place for LGBT+ people, and I’m tremendously grateful for the contributors who made this book possible. As it leads up to release, I’ll be sharing excerpts along the way. I’d like to thank contributors Carol Howard Merritt, Monica A. Coleman, Rita Nakashima Brock, David Lose, Scott Haldeman, Barbara Lundblad, Alton Pollard III, Derek Penwell, Sandhya Jha, Tai Amri Spann-Wilson, Meredith Guest, Christian Piatt, Nancy Steeves, Stephanie Spellers, Deborah Appler, Mona West, Irene Monroe, Mary Foulke, De La Torre Miguel, Glen Miles, Eric Elnes, Tad DeLay, Holly Hearon, Danilo Cortez, and Richard Finley Ward. I’m grateful for your patience, generosity and vision. And to my editor, Charlie Collier, thank you for your guidance and suggestions along the way.

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