New sermon series: “Help! My family & friends think I’m going to hell!”

Brentwood Christian Church


“Help! My family and friends think I’m going to hell!”
(or, “How to Survive Get Togethers with Family and Friends — even if you don’t share the same religious beliefs”)

Rev. Dr. Phil Snider

Part 1 – July 5
Part 2 – July 12

Although the title of Phil’s new sermon series is a bit tongue-in-cheek, its content is not. One of the challenges we increasingly face — especially in the midst of so much religious and political polarization, which feels all the more prominent after the Supreme Court’s ruling last week on marriage equality — is the difficulty of navigating the close relationships we have with those who hold different religious beliefs than our own. After all, our religious beliefs often represent what we believe to be most ultimate, and we hold them very close to our hearts (this is true for both “conservatives” and “liberals”). At the same…

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