Justice Calls: Sermons of Welcome & Affirmation (update)

“In Justice Calls: Sermons of Welcome and Affirmation, Rev. Snider has collected a treasure trove of sermons affirming the welcome of LGBT persons at the table of God’s love. Some are carefully exegetical, some deeply personal, all are carefully crafted and full of grace. Starting with the call for equality and ending with a call for the transformation of the church, this volume walks the journey of God’s affirming love for all with both care and courage.”

Rev. Mark C. Johnston, PhD
Executive Director, Open & Affirming Ministry Program
Gay, Lesbian, and Affirming Disciples Alliance
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

It’s been such an honor to collaborate with all of the amazing people who have come together to share their sermons for the book Justice Calls, which I have had the privilege of editing.* After working behind the scenes on this project for over two years, it’s finally nearing publication. I am excited, to say the least. And grateful for each of the contributors who’ve made it happen. Here’s a sneak peak of the Table of Contents…

Phil Snider

Part One

1. The Rule of Love
I John 4:7-21
Carol Howard Merritt

2. The Pearl of Great Price
Matthew 13:45-46
Monica Coleman

3. The Biblical Support for Same-Sex Marriage
Genesis 2:18
Rita Nakashima Brock

4. Descriptive or Definitive?
Romans 6:3-4
Romans 8:14-17
David Lose

5. Looking for Love
Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67
Song of Solomon 2:8-13
W. Scott Haldeman

6. Deeper Than Biology
Genesis 2:18-25
Barbara Lundblad

Part Two

7. Whosoever
John 3:16
Alton Pollard, III

8. I Think That’s What It Takes
Matthew 22:1-14
Derek Penwell

9. It’s Harder To Be Us: The Gospel of Forgiveness for People on the Margins
John 20:19-31
Sandhya Rani Jha

10. In Memory of Brandy Martell
Acts 1:12-14
Hebrews 12:1-3
Ephesians 6:10-18
Tai Amri Spann-Wilson

11. All of You
Romans 12:2
Meredith Guest

12. Dogs of Canaan
Matthew 15:21-28
Christian Piatt

Part Three

13. All Are Welcome?
Luke 4:16-32
Nancy Steeves

14. Getting to Jesus, Despite the Crowds
Mark 2:1-4
Phil Snider

15. The Doctrine of Original Fabulousness
John 13:33-35
Stephanie Spellers

16. Water on a Desert Road
Isaiah 56:1-8
Acts 8:26-40
Barbara Lundblad

17. A Divine Flame
Song of Songs 2:16-3:4; 8:6-7
Deborah A. Appler

18. Luke’s Stonewall
Luke 7:36-50
Mona West

19. Healing Our ’isms
Ephesians 2:11-22
Irene Monroe

Part Four

20. Picking Up the Mantle
II Kings 2:1-14
Richard Ward

21. A Queer Eye for the Straight Bible Reader
Genesis 19:1-11
Miguel A. De La Torre

22. The Bible Says It… I Believe It… That Settles It?
Ephesians 4:1-16
Glen Miles

23. The Coherent and the Contingent
Leviticus 18:22; 20:8-18
I Corinthians 7:10-15
Eric Elnes

24. Text and Taboo
Acts 10:1-33
Tad DeLay

25. The Storm is Passing Over
1 Samuel 17
Mark 4:35-41
Mary Foulke

26. Rolling Back the Stone
John 20:19-23
Holly E. Hearon

*Early on I planned to edit this book with Tony Jones, but various time commitments on each of our respective schedules didn’t allow that to happen (the stars weren’t aligned in our favor). However, I remain grateful for his help (as well as Doug Pagitt’s) in helping give shape to the early formation of this project.

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