Win 6 books for free!

Update: I’ve spoken with my regulations committee and found out if you change your profile pic on Friday and win the drawing, you still need to keep it your pic until Monday (not that I really have a regulations committee, but it is only fair to those who entered earlier this week). Thanks!

To win the following books (just in time for Christmas!!), all you have to do is (1) change your FB profile pic to the cover image of The Hyphenateds; (2) let me know you’ve changed it by posting to my wall; (3) keep it your profile pic for at least three days; and then (4) your name will be entered into the grand prize sweepstakes! On Friday I’ll announce the winner, who will receive not only a copy of The Hyphenateds, but also The Great Emergence by Phyllis A. Tickle, Insurrection by Peter Rollins, Emerging Ministry Today by Nate Frambach, Banned Questions About Jesus by Christian Piatt, and Toward a Hopeful Future by Emily Bowen and me. Good luck!

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