Contributors to The Hyphenateds

The Hyphenateds: How Emergence Christianity is Re-Traditioning Mainline Practices

Phyllis Tickle – Foreword

Phil Snider – Introduction

Nadia Bolz-Weber – Innovating with Integrity: Exploring the Core and Innovative Edges of Postmodern Ministry

Stephanie Spellers – Monocultural Church in a Hybrid World

Elaine Heath – A New Day Rising in the Church

Nate Frambach – Why Luthermergent? Because We Always Have Been and Better Be Now and Forevermore, or We Probably Aren’t Really Lutheran

Chris Rodkey – Satanism in the Suburbs: Ordination as Insubordination

Carol Howard Merritt – Net-A-Narratives: The Evolution of the Story in Our Culture, Philosophy, and Faith

Nanette Sawyer – The Imperative of Imagination

Matt Gallion – The Postmodern Pan and the ForeverNeverland

Ross Lockhart – Peekaboo Jesus: Looking for an Emergent Savior in a Post-Christendom Culture

Brandon Gilvin – Mobius Operandi: Ambiguity and the Challenge of Radical Discipleship

Emily Bowen – Emerging from the Lectionary

Timothy Snyder – Improvising with Tradition: A Case (Self) Study

Mike Baughman – Emerging from the Jersey Shore: Secular, Generational, and Theological Frontiers

Doug Pagitt – Afterword: All in the Family

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